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You are looking for an interactive, state-of-the-art and stylish way to communicate a scientific topic, case-study, event-documentation or a multimedia presentation for the achievements of your company?

A pageflow is the perfect tool combining text, photographs and video as well as the possibility to get directly into touch with your target audience. Furthermore a pageflow is considerably cheaper than an image video as we can re-use photographs or video material you may have shot in the past. As finishing we could add some licensed stock video sequences or stock photographs increasing the visual attractiveness of your pageflow story.

Get in touch with us, and we`ll create your very own, individual pageflow!


The idea is to integrate video, sound, images and text on one pageflow - creating a multimedia-based unity to achieve the best possible outreach for your story!
A pageflow is a compelling way of bringing content to live!


Science Stories is based on the pageflow technology, that was developed specifically for online reportages by the German public broadcaster WDR.
We have adapted the technology and now provide for our clients multi-media reportage on science and other stories, including the hosting and licencing of images and/or videos.

Have a look at the features, that we can combine within your pageflow story:

Easy to use

For your customers or users a pageflow is easy to use as it provides a full screen navigation.

Media Management

Your videos, images and sound will be transcoded into the fitting format, so that  your full story will be reachable not only on computers and tablets but also on mobiles.

Mouseover Videos

On your pageflow we can embed videos which start playing once you scroll over a full screen start image.


The cost of your pageflow story that will be hosted on our website, depends greatly on the use of photographs and videos within the story.
We have therefore created three options for your particular needs and budget.


€ 1700

The BASIC STORY PACKAGE is based on up to 15 pageflow pages.

This package includes one acquired (licensed) video clip and three acquired photographs, plus up to five video clips and 15 photographs that you can provide us for your story.


€ 2800
The FULL STORY PACKAGE includes up to 25 pageflow pages.
This package includes up to five acquired (licensed) video clips and three acquired photographs, plus up to eight video clips and 25 photographs that you can provide us.


€ 5700
The EXTENDED STORY PACKAGE includes up to 25 pageflow pages.
The package extends the FULL STORY PACKAGE with recently shot material. Therefore our camera crew will visit you at your location in Europe recording some interviews and/or footage on location. Combining the new video material and stock footage, we will provide you with your unique pageflow story.


Science Stories is a platfom provided by, one of the key science communication organisations on European Research. The think tank behind the platform is based in Germany – consisting of experienced science journalists and filmmakers. The technical support of the system is provided by railization, based in Vienna.

Elmar Bartlmae
Elmar Bartlmae
Managing Director / Producer / Director
Elmar studied Physics and Science Journalism before he started producing movies in 1998. In 2006 he founded Leonardo Film - an international active TV production company spezialised in high-end documentaries for national and international broadcasters. Since 2009 Leonardo Film is also partner of EEIG - an integrated science platform for international journalists. With the founding of Science Stories he wanted to add a new approach of publishing strong stories in the fields of science, technology and economy.
Corinna Hackenbroch
Corinna Hackenbroch
Producer / Director
Corinna is a trained journalist and has already been working in New Zealand and Romania before she started producing documentaries for Leonardo Film. Her strength is the narration of complex stories.
Corinna Barnstedt
Corinna Barnstedt
Producer / Director
Corinna studied geography and worked for different magazines before she started producing documentaries for Leonardo Film. She always gets the best out of a story or topic.
Ute de Groot
Ute de Groot
Producer / Director
After studiing journalism, Ute started working as video journalist for B+B Services changing over to Leonardo Film after one year. In 2015 she produced her first long documentary for the international TV. Her strength is to adapt perfectly to all conditions a story might bring up.
Mirza Arsalan Baig
Mirza Arsalan Baig
Software Engineer
Mirza is the CEO of our partner company Railization and takes care of realizing all your ideas and wishes on your pageflow.
Maike Bartlmae
Maike Bartlmae
Legal Affairs
As a studied media advocate with her own media law chancellery Medienrecht Nordwest . Maike is the save harbour for our team and our customers. She exactly knows what to do if there are any legal queries.
Marvin Baumgartner
Marvin Baumgartner
Media Creator
Marvin is our technical expert starting his traineeship in 2015. He is a great camera operator and editor in one.





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